CONNECT is where we find Christ’s presence within the members of our parish family. Groups of varying sizes are meeting in one another’s homes or sometimes in prearranged spaces on the church campus.  Connect gatherings ideally occur two times a month for prayer, socialization, and to explore a faith related topic that promotes self-discovery, builds a spirit of community, and encourages participants to continue to grow in their ability to share their faith with others. When our groups are successful, we will encourage one another to continue moving along the way toward GO where we actively make disciples of others. CONNECT groups will be places where the Church feels more intimate because of its small group environment.  This is where an individual can be led to discover the unique nature of their call to discipleship; where we can meet on common ground to relax and enjoy one another and discover the Lord’s presence in ourselves and within the members of your group.

CONNECT Adults & Group Registration


Click here to find a group that meets yours and your family’s needs and to reach out to one of our group leaders. They will get back to you and let you know when you can join them! Registration to participate opens June 24th, you can preview groups by clicking here 

Prince of Peace is a large parish and we want to ensure everyone knows that they play an important part in the life of those around them. CONNECT Adults group regularly for food, fellowship, to share stories, pray and journey alongside each other. CONNECT groups could meet in homes or suitable public places. Individuals, 18 or older, are encouraged to join a CONNECT group that best fits their current vocation or age demographic. Some groups are child friendly and other groups are adults only. Your CONNECT group will be hosted by trained leaders who desire to see everyone in their group grow together in community. An ideal CONNECT group would grow by invitation of group members. Eventually the group will expand and potentially split to continue growing in community and providing more opportunities for people to participate in CONNECT.  Check out this recent bulletin article about Connect Groups.




CONNECT Teens is a space where high school and middle school teenagers group together most Sundays at church to experience fun, fellowship, and faith. Each time we meet there is a an opportunity to meet new friends and focus on a specific topic that is relatable and important for teens. At each session, teens will have the chance to break into small groups to further discuss the important things in their lives. These groups focus on prayer, accountability, and supporting each other in their faith walk. CONNECT aims to help teens to continue to share their journey with others and by inviting friends at their school to participate. CONNECT Teens will starting back up August 13th. Questions? Contact Bridget Sabbath at or Terrilyn Donohue at




CONNECT Group Leaders Resources and Training

Looking for your group page? Click here. You will be asked to submit your email address and a log in link will be sent to your email to access your passwords needed! Click here to learn how to 

Some quick “how to” instructions for Planning Center Groups

Using your Group Page
How to create, edit, or delete an event
Adding members to a group
Making notes on who is coming

As groups grow and/or new groups form ongoing training will be offered to CONNECT group leaders to assist them in their role as developers of discipleship, facilitate their management of group dynamics, enhance their awareness of God-given strengths and talents within members of the group, and offer guidance aimed at keeping each of our CONNECT groups aligned to our Parish’s mission and vision.Leadership training is being conducted in an ongoing way. If you would like to register for the next Connect Leader training please contact Michael Mullink at

CONNECT Leadership Team

We have a team of dedicated parishioners that ensure CONNECT is meeting the needs of everybody. They may be of assistance to you, answering questions for you about the CONNECT experience.  They perform various roles of leadership that support and direct the workings of our Connect Groups.  They work to provide an array of stimulating topics for discussion and assist in forming potential group leaders. In addition they assist potential members in finding suitable groups. It is the role of the Leadership Team to guide CONNECT groups as they gradually expand in number to the point where they need to subdivide into smaller groups to ensure that more and more parishioners have the opportunity for growth within this experience of Christian community. To reach them please email or contact at 678-960-0040.

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