Prince of Peace Catholic Parish is focused on providing THE WAY, an intentional discipleship model that focuses on living out the Great Commission, offering opportunities for people to authentically Encounter Christ and formation to Live as Disciples, the way Christ commissioned His twelve.

Our parish, in 2016, stopped all activities outside of the Liturgical life of The Church to re-evaluate how impactful our, at the time, parish life activities and ministries were. The result, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the bi-product of lots of prayer, was discovering THE WAY. THE WAY provides good-solid opportunities for pilgrims to begin in ALPHA where we discover or rediscover the Kerygma…engage and CONNECT in authentic Christian community, EQUIP ourselves in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the traditions and history of the Catholic Church…SERVE our brothers and sisters both inside and outside the walls of the parish through the great works carried out by our Lead Like Jesus minded ministries…and, finally, GO, where people accompany other people in a mentor/mentee role of going out to disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our collaborative work setting fosters a trust-based environment, where respectful conflict is encouraged resulting in open dialogue, constructive feedback and healthy accountability to ensure the best possible outcome as a team and a parish. Prayer is the common thread that pulls all our work together.

We’re looking for people that have a relationship with Christ, are open to the Holy Spirit working within them, can think outside the box when it comes to parish life, are not scared of doing things differently and/or new, open to change and can buy-in to trust based team-style leadership where our motivating factor is Jesus Christ. We are looking to add members to our teams in the following positions…

Intern - Marketing and Communications


Prince of Peace Catholic Church is looking for a qualified intern to join our communication/marketing/media team. This department is responsible for all message development and creative marketing related parish activities, ministries, and events. We seek an intern who can participate in various stages of the creative process, design, implementation and execution of projects. This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing in the Catholic parish setting.


  • Assist in the creation of signage, circulars, mock ups, e-mail campaigns, on line promotion, etc.
  • Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials
  • Assist with parish publications
  • Assist with Social Media (facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube) and Website (wordpress)
  • Assist with APP development
  • Video camera operation
  • Prepare presentations
  • Interface with volunteers
  • Assist in building volunteer team
  • Graphic Design
  • Document Editing
  • Video Editing


Prince of Peace is looking for a practicing catholic in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church who is an undergraduate student majoring in Sales, Marketing or Advertising, Communications, Video Production, or similar field. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with knowledge of Web and social media. Adobe software suite, pro presenter, video and still camera experience, understanding of social media is important. Not a requirement, but bilingual (english/spanish) is a plus.

Submit resume and cover letter to Rob Montepare at


Director of Liturgy of Music

As part of the pastoral leadership team, The Director of Liturgy and Music (DLM) oversees worship, music and liturgy to continually enhance the quality of our community’s worship life. With the assistance of a full time Administrative Assistant, a part-time Youth Worship Leader, and a part-time Spanish Worship Leader the DLM:

  • Translates our intentional focus on discipleship into liturgical and worship offerings that ensure that the call of Christ can be heard within an engaging setting that boasts well-planned and celebrated sacraments and lively, inspiring music;
  • Collaborates with the youth ministry team (including a part time Youth Worship Leader) who provide a youth-focused Mass on Sunday evenings, and our volunteer Hispanic Music Ministry Leader and choir who provide music for our Sunday afternoon Mass in Spanish;
  • Recruits, oversees, forms, and empowers volunteer leaders in all areas of liturgical and musical ministry;
  • Directly supervises the Administrative Assistant for Liturgy and Music, the Youth Worship Leader and the Spanish Worship Leader.

Essential Responsibilities


  1. Develops and directs annual liturgical calendar, plans liturgical seasons and coordinates sacramental celebrations in consultation with pastor, clergy and staff.
  2. Directs everyone involved with liturgical ministries including ministry leaders such as: Art and Environment, Lectors, Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers, Musicians, leaders of Adoration, Sacristans, Ushers, Greeters and other Hospitality Ministries and works with the SERVE leadership team to fill vacant leadership positions as needed.
  3. Develops and manages expenditures of the liturgy and music budget in consultation with Pastor, Director of Operations and Finance Council.
  4. Regularly evaluates the quality of worship celebrations and liturgical ministries through various means with a particular role of support and in close collaboration with the members of the SERVE leadership team.
  5. Procures sacred vessels and materials, etc.
  6. Supports directives from pastor and archdiocese.
  7. Works in collaboration with the Director of Operations when hiring new, or terminating and replacing paid positions that directly report to the DLM.
  8. Oversees fulfillment of duties in job descriptions by all paid members of the liturgical ministries. Regularly meets with those on the supervisory list (above) and annually provides job performance evaluations.

Administrative duties and music support

  1. Builds repertoire that boasts blended musical styles which are accompanied predominantly from the piano with the hope of building a unified weekend mass experience regardless of which Mass parishioners attend.
  2. Trains, rehearses, and directs all ensembles while providing a supervisory presence among the Youth and Hispanic ensembles.  There is the expectation of one weeknight combined rehearsal in which music ministers at the vigil and the Sunday morning ensembles come together to be prepared to lead weekend worship.  
  3. Plays for four weekend Masses as well as regular parish liturgical celebrations such as penance services, parish missions, etc.
  4. Builds, trains, and equips a team of worship leaders to provide Praise and Worship-style music for ALPHA, and successive movements along THE WAY.
  5. Participates as an active member of the Pastor’s Leadership Team and faithfully cascades messages from this body back to direct reports as well as to members of the Leadership Teams of THE WAY to insure and maintain clear channels of communication.
  6. Provides support for weddings and funerals by being available to meet with couples or families to plan liturgy and music and give guidance to outside musicians or clergy. A stipend over and above regular salary is offered for weddings.
  7. Oversees the coordination and continual functioning Eucharistic Adoration in collaboration with volunteer leadership and with assistance from the Administrative Assistant for Liturgy and Music.
  8. Develops and coordinates bilingual and multicultural celebrations.
  9. Contracts with professional musicians as needed.

Ministry Formation and Leadership Requirements

  1. Provides annual opportunities for engaging liturgical formation to inspire, motivate, and encourage continued personal growth among parishioners called to ministries of worship and music in collaboration with the DEVELOP team.
  2. Encourages all ministry leaders of music and liturgy to participate in the Lead Like Jesus seminar and helps to promote the ongoing unpacking of that experience and utilization of the tools of ongoing growth and spiritual renewal that it affords.
  3. Aided by the Administrative Assistant for Music and Liturgy, maintains a database of those who have completed Virtus, required background checks, and registration with the Archdiocese of Atlanta for ministries such as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
  4. Works collaboratively with the Director of Operations and the Director of Discipleship in offering support and direction to the SERVE leadership team.


  1. Experience as a music director and/or liturgist in previous parish. Must be a practicing Catholic and willing to both promote and personally advance along THE WAY.
  2. Education and Training:  at minimum, an undergraduate degree preferably in music and a high level of proficiency in piano and vocal performance. Master’s Degree preferred.
  3. Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:
    1. Understanding of Catholic liturgy and liturgical ministries.
    2. Interpersonal communication, collaborative ministry, and public speaking.
    3. Has experience in effective leadership in a multi-cultural parish or ministry setting.
    4. Basic computer skills such as: MS office, and a willingness to master programs such as Pro-Presenter, Planning Center Online, Ministry Scheduler Pro and Adoration-Pro.
    5. Basic understanding of Audio/Visual equipment.
    6. Eagerness to pursue continuing education opportunities within the scope of music, liturgy and parish ministry.
    7. Ability to honor and maintain a high level of confidentiality.
    8. Able to actively engage in pastoral leadership within a collaborative, leadership team setting.
    9. Possesses a pastoral and welcoming manner and attitude as befits the remarkably warm and hospitable charism that characterizes the Prince of Peace parish community. 

Please submit resume, cover letter, references, video of piano playing ability, and salary requirements to

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