Prince of Peace Catholic Parish is focused on providing THE WAY, an intentional discipleship model that focuses on living out the Great Commission, offering opportunities for people to authentically Encounter Christ and formation to Live as Disciples, the way Christ commissioned His twelve.

Our parish, in 2016, stopped all activities outside of the Liturgical life of The Church to re-evaluate how impactful our, at the time, parish life activities and ministries were. The result, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the bi-product of lots of prayer, was discovering THE WAY. THE WAY provides good-solid opportunities for pilgrims to begin in ALPHA where we discover or rediscover the Kerygma…engage and CONNECT in authentic Christian community, EQUIP ourselves in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the traditions and history of the Catholic Church…SERVE our brothers and sisters both inside and outside the walls of the parish through the great works carried out by our Lead Like Jesus minded ministries…and, finally, GO, where people accompany other people in a mentor/mentee role of going out to disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our collaborative work setting fosters a trust-based environment, where respectful conflict is encouraged resulting in open dialogue, constructive feedback and healthy accountability to ensure the best possible outcome as a team and a parish. Prayer is the common thread that pulls all our work together.

We’re looking for people that have a relationship with Christ, are open to the Holy Spirit working within them, can think outside the box when it comes to parish life, are not scared of doing things differently and/or new, open to change and can buy-in to trust based team-style leadership where our motivating factor is Jesus Christ. We are looking to add members to our teams in the following positions…

Director of Youth Ministry

Position Overview:

The Director of Youth Ministry will be an active member of the Pastor’s Leadership Team and THE WAY Leadership Team to ensure our parish is constantly meeting the needs of middle and high school youth. The Director of Youth Ministry will make sure that middle and high school youth are welcomed and supported in our parish-wide intentional discipleship model known as “THE WAY”. This position will recruit and support adult volunteers who carry out the relational ministry traditionally associated with youth ministry.


  • Practicing Catholic in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church with a commitment to his/her own prayer and faith life -3-5 years of experience in full time youth ministry in a Catholic setting
  • Experience with parish revitalization efforts (Amazing Parish or Divine Renovation)
  • Experience of training, recruiting, and discipling volunteers
  • Undergraduate degree or certification in Youth Ministry, Theology (Catholic), or related experience -Continuing ongoing formation in Catholic youth ministry resources and models
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) prefered but not required -Must clear Archdiocesan background check and VIRTUS requirements

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Participate as a member of the Pastor’s Leadership Team to ensure all needs and perspective of the young church are not overlooked in every facet of parish life.
  • Ongoing evaluation to ensure Prince of Peace Catholic Church is creating a space for young people to support their spiritual growth through “THE WAY” and in adherence to United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s document, “Renewing the Vision”.
  • Partnering with all leadership teams of THE WAY as an advocate for young people between 6 -12 grade.
  • Partner with ALPHA/LEAD ALPHA Team to ensure successful implementation
  • Partner with CONNECT Team, directing retreats, conferences and sponsored events specifically for middle and high school youth.
  • Partner with our EQUIP Team
    • implementing a discernment model for any 6-12 grade students who desire to receive the sacraments of the Church.
    • Plan, in collaboration with EQUIP Families, the teen-specific components.
  • Partner with SERVE Team ensuring youth are encouraged to participate in all areas of ministry.
    • Partner with Clergy, Director of Liturgy & Music, Life Teen Worship Team, Liturgical Ministers, to ensure the Life Teen Mass is specifically geared toward young people where the entire parish is invited to participate.
  • Partner with GO Team to promote discipleship in our young Church.
  • Partner with our DEVELOP Team, our parish’s leadership resource team, to ensure adults working with youth and youth in leadership roles receive training, resources, and tools shared with all parish leadership members.
  • Recruit, accompany, train, and provide formation for fully practicing Catholic adults that serve and/or represent our young people along each area of THE WAY. -Maintain scheduled office hours to be available for staff, young people, and their families
  • Involve parish clergy in youth activities and provide clear direction and/or training to promote their active involvement.
  • Provides opportunities for youth to freely explore and discern their Vocational call.
  • Create and monitor annual budget accounting for resources, equipment and supplies.
  • If given a permanent and dynamic space for youth this position maintains the calendar and keeps it a place of safety and sanctuary for teens.
  • Be aware of current trends in Catholic youth ministry, overall youth culture, networking opportunities, Archdiocesan efforts and national trainings.
  • Serve as a liaison to young adult ministry, connecting graduating seniors to Catholic campus ministries or introducing them to opportunities along THE WAY.
  • Continually evaluate, with the support of the Pastor’s Leadership Team, the responsibilities of this position to meet the needs of youth.

Submit resume and cover letter to Rob Montepare at

Intern - Marketing and Communications


Prince of Peace Catholic Church is looking for a qualified intern to join our communication/marketing/media team. This department is responsible for all message development and creative marketing related parish activities, ministries, and events. We seek an intern who can participate in various stages of the creative process, design, implementation and execution of projects. This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing in the Catholic parish setting.


  • Assist in the creation of signage, circulars, mock ups, e-mail campaigns, on line promotion, etc.
  • Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials
  • Assist with parish publications
  • Assist with Social Media (facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube) and Website (wordpress)
  • Assist with APP development
  • Video camera operation
  • Prepare presentations
  • Interface with volunteers
  • Assist in building volunteer team
  • Graphic Design
  • Document Editing
  • Video Editing


Prince of Peace is looking for a practicing catholic in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church who is an undergraduate student majoring in Sales, Marketing or Advertising, Communications, Video Production, or similar field. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with knowledge of Web and social media. Adobe software suite, pro presenter, video and still camera experience, understanding of social media is important. Not a requirement, but bilingual (english/spanish) is a plus.

Submit resume and cover letter to Rob Montepare at

Part-time Facilities Specialist

Department: Facilities
Reporting to:  Facility Manager
Status:  Part-time, non-exempt
Working Hours: Hours vary depending on need.
Essential Responsibilities:


  1. Welcome and greet people who come to the church.
  2. Allow people access to rooms that are scheduled.  Monitor for unscheduled activities.  You may be required to open or close and arm building security system depending on work shift
  3. Monitor 2-way radio at all times when on duty.  Carry custodian cell phone, checking it for messages at the beginning and during each shift.
  4. Complete all daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and task lists as assigned by the Facility Manager which include but not limited to: running a vacuum cleaner, dusting all horizontal surfaces, dust mopping floors, operating floor scrubbing machine on floors, wiping down tables and countertops with disinfectant, cleaning toilets with toilet bowl brush, walking outside grounds picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks, collecting and taking preschool trash to the dumpster, etc.
  5. Inspect entire facility (inside and outside) for cleanliness and address any problems not listed in assigned tasks.  Make certain parking lot and outside trash cans are emptied.  Empty all trash from trash hopper in to dumpster.
  6. Read and understand the facility’s Emergency Management Manual.  Be prepared to handle situations that may arise (as directed by Facility Manager) such as, power failure, fire alarm, sprinkler system release, clogged toilet, spills in classroom, etc.  All situations must be documented.
  7. Monitor all public and staff restrooms to ensure that trash cans are emptied and paper products are replenished.
  8. Move tables, chairs, and specialty furniture for special events, as directed/requested by Facility Manager or administrative staff.

Skills / Knowledge / Abilities:
Effective communicator – verbal.
Basic knowledge of parish operations.
Maintain confidentiality.
Good interpersonal skills, team player, pastoral and welcoming attitude.
Heavy lifting of at least 45lbs and above.  Must be able to climb a 10-foot ladder and stairs.

Intereste Candidates can contract Brad Sayer at or 678-960-0040

Hospitality Coordinator

The Hospitality Coordinator (HC) will be an active member of the Administrative Team and will be directly responsible for the first contact that many people will have with the parish. The HC will make sure that all are welcomed and supported in our parish-wide intentional discipleship model known as “THE WAY”. This position will recruit and support adult volunteers who carry out the relational ministry traditionally associated with welcoming people that come to the church for assistance, and on-boarding of new members. What follows are enumerated presuppositions regarding the responsibilities of this position. Nevertheless, within the current atmosphere of dynamic growth and transformation in which the parish is immersed, there is presumed some shifting within this role of Hospitality Coordinator which the successful candidate will be prepared to embrace.

please submit resume and cover letter to Rob Montepare at

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