EQUIP (e-quip) /əˈkwip/
supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose. prepare (someone) mentally for a particular situation or task.

What is EQUIP

EQUIP is for everyone! Equip is life-long, age-appropriate faith formation. EQUIP Adults offers a full complement of sessions throughout the week on the scriptures and our Catholic tradition that will inspire and motivate parishioners at any age to explore the vast riches of our faith. EQUIP Families boasts sessions for families with children grades K-12 and supports parents in their role as primary teachers of the faith to their children. Families will participate in a monthly on-campus offering centered on revolving topics, in age-appropriate tracks. Particularly in the parent session, not only will the central theme be presented, but also practical tools and resources will be shared to help parents live out and lead their family in our Catholic faith. Away from campus, families will be provided with family and individual activities and thought-provoking reflections to build upon the monthly on-campus session. EQUIP Families will be offered year-round.Read about EQUIP in our recent bulletin by clicking here.



EQUIP is our way at Prince of Peace of Equipping families, adults and our youth to Live as Disciples. We are looking for people to assist in many areas of EQUIP to ensure that participants get a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

An EQUIP Volunteer is someone who has experienced Alpha and is on The Way, constantly rediscovering their own personal faith journey. These folks have a passion for the faith and the desire to walk alongside others in their discovery of the faith. Volunteers are people of prayer who regularly call upon the Holy Spirit to be the source of strength and guidance for all participants in EQUIP.

Those willing to assist with EQUIP may do so by signing up through our volunteer portal, click here! 


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