THE WAY offers an intentional focus for those who wish to progress in their spiritual journey toward becoming a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Along this journey of THE WAY are opportunities that allow us to Encounter Christ, grow in community, acquire greater depth of knowledge and understanding of the faith, experience the sacraments, engage in selfless service, and to ultimately become people that intentionally share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever they may go. THE WAY is for people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, whether life-long Catholics, recently initiated into the Church, or those who are seeking to simply share a part of the journey within this faith community.  Multiple opportunities await all of us who make THE WAY our central focus as we use it to propel our mission to Encounter Christ and Live as Disciples. Going forward, everything we do at Prince of Peace finds its roots in THE WAY and all future growth that God inspires will lead us to beckon others to join us.

THE WAY is for Everyone

THE WAY offers opportunities for all ages under six subsections.

  1. ALPHA is where all ages can explore what role Jesus plays in our lives. ALPHA provides a warm, hospitable and safe environment where people can ask life’s biggest questions. At each session, people enjoy great food, laughter and learning about the teachings of Jesus in a friendly atmosphere where no questions about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile. Learn more about ALPHA here!
  2. LEAD ALPHA allows Past ALPHA Guests share the experience they received for another group. Through various volunteer capacities, LEAD ALPHA helps provide the best ALPHA experience possible. Learn more about LEAD ALPHA here!
  3. CONNECT is where our large parish family becomes small and where everyone can play a vital part of the entire parish. This is an opportunity, after experiencing ALPHA, to live authentic Christian community the way God intended it. CONNECT Groups meet regular in laid back environments. Learn more about CONNECT here!
  4. EQUIP is where we deepen our knowledge and understand of sacred scripture along with the rich, beautiful tradition of the Catholic faith. Learn more about EQUIP here!
  5. SERVE offers the opportunity to put what we have experience in ALPHA, LEAD ALPHA and CONNECT, coupled with our deeper understanding of our Catholic faith, through EQUIP, into action both at the parish and in our community. Learn more about SERVE here!
  6. GO poses a challenge, prompted by the Holy Spirit, that calls us to a life of being a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ with the intention of going out and making other disciples in our family, community, work and the world. GO lives our Christ’s Great Commission as explained in the Gospel of Matthew, “Go and make disciples”. Learn more about GO here!

THE WAY is comprised of 7 Leadership Teams that assist in making sure THE WAY is thriving at Prince of Peace. Leadership teams consist of a captain and mix of teammates that serve for predetermined number of years. All members of these leadership teams are made up of parishioners and each leadership team is assigned a staff liaison whose job is to ensure each team has the tools necessary to operate.

THE WAY Leadership Team works as an overarching group of parishioners to ensure each opportunity along THE WAY is functioning as inspired by the holy spirit. This team commissions leadership teams, troubleshoots, plans for growth and development of THE WAY and keeps the mission of the parish at the forefront of all activity.

ALPHA Leadership Team oversees ALPHA and LEAD ALPHA to ensure the format and “recipe” is lived out. This group trains and recruits volunteers to successfully carry out their roles to LEAD ALPHA.

CONNECT Leadership Team empowers all our CONNECT Group leaders to be effective in their fostering of authentic Christian community. This leadership team identifies and creates materials implemented in the groups, trains leaders, and assists all parishioners find a home in CONNECT.

EQUIP Leadership Team oversees the formation opportunities that exist at the parish. This team helps with the sacramental discernment process for anyone seeking sacraments, empowers parents to be the main teachers of the faith in their family, provides opportunities for adults to expand on their knowledge of sacred scripture and tradition and journeys along people interested in becoming fully initiated members of the Catholic faith.

SERVE Leadership Team unifies all ministerial efforts and leadership to ensure our activity, both inside and outside the parish, carries our our mission. This leadership team identifies and trains leadership, assist ministries in starting, helps people, ministry leaders and our parish in discerning our call to SERVE at Prince of Peace and the greater community.

GO Leadership Team still in its infancy, GO is a place where people take every fabric of their being and live out The Great Commission as directed by Jesus himself to “Go and make Disciples”.

Develop Team is a group of people that help all leadership teams and their volunteers in strength based leadership, implementing and living out Lead Like Jesus as our parish-wide leadership philosophy, assists any groups of the parish in being more effective with their time (such as meetings or building trust among teams), works with parishioners who feel the call to leadership, is a resource to parish staff and incorporates or catholic-christian faith and ideals into personal and ministerial development.

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